About the project

(video installation, water screen, projection, pump, sound composition)

0.9 grams per litre is the level of salinity in human blood, equal to the salinity of the primordial sea at
the time the entire planet Earth was covered with water. Rivers as the circulatory system of the
planet. Rivers that cleanse and give life a second chance. Life was born in water and water has a
memory. Ice crystals have a perfectly symmetrical hexagonal structure and meltwater remembers
What does the water of the river Emajõgi remember? Time flows. Our world is always busy, busy with
living, busy with being. But time flows regardless. Just like Emajõgi. Emajõgi – ema is mother and
jõgi is river in Estonian. Why does time move slower in Tartu? The river with its calm, yet powerful
flow seems to slow the city down, giving people the opportunity to just be in the urban environment.
Biopoetics is an optical water play, exploring life and being.
Biopoetics is also a play on words: biopoesis is a term in biology describing the formation of life on
the cellular level.
Artwork is created in collaboration with composer Markus Robam.

Client: Tartu in Light TAVA2021

Year: 2021

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