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Alyona Movko-Mägi

Ardo Ran Varres' concert

Ardo Ran Varres' concert


At the Souls' Night Music Festival 2020, a captivating author's concert by Ardo Ran Varres unfolded, featuring a mesmerizing blend of his classic compositions and the global debut of his latest masterpiece, "Päikesering." The concert's concept revolved around the seamless integration of sound and visuals from its inception, drawing from synesthetic experiences and the quest for emotional resonance.

The visual elements were meticulously crafted to complement the architecture of St. John's Church and Varres' compositions. The first segment of the concert, which showcased Ardo Rani's existing pieces, drew inspiration from materials and verses. As the visuals throughout the performance revolved around the theme of nature, this choice was both fitting and meaningful within the context. The underlying motif of the concert - the healing power of nature - was linked to Varres' first album, "Päikesering." This album paid tribute to the memory of Taimi Varres (1933-2020), Ardo Ran Varres' mother, an artist whose work was deeply rooted in nature and plant materials.

To honor this connection, I spent four seasons capturing the essence of nature through macro photography. These images formed the basis for generative visuals that moved in harmony with the music. The newly premiered "Päikesering" was inspired by Doris Kareva's 12-part poetry cycle of the same title, which guided the creation of a corresponding 12-part visual narrative.

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