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Alyona Movko-Mägi

Veljo Tormis - Forgotten Peoples - Paris - Cité de la musique

Veljo Tormis - Forgotten Peoples - Paris - Cité de la musique


Unheard sonorities, authenticity of traditions, and closeness to nature characterize the art of Veljo Tormis, a passionate advocate for endangered cultures: a magnetic musical and visual journey, accompanied by shamans, into the Finno-Ugric realm.

Born in 1930 and educated at the Tallinn Conservatory, Veljo Tormis has always favored choral music, glorifying and recreating, somewhat in the manner of Zoltán Kodály in Hungary, the folklore of his native Estonia. Harmonic colors and secret polyphonies come together in his work to capture the essence of popular material, which he also presents in all its stark authenticity, such as the Estonian regilaul or "runic song." Accompanied by projected images, the Forgotten Peoples project has both a cultural and ecological mission: to evoke the lesser-known, even forgotten, Finno-Ugric spaces and peoples. Let's embark on a journey to discover the Livs, Votes, Izhoriens, Ingrians, Vespas, and Karelians, with the sometimes tragic, sometimes pastoral accents of a magician of sound and voice!

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