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alyonA movko-mägi


it’s bitter so bitter, that it becomes sweet

(I came here to be alone – I also came here to be alone · ART HALL GALLERY · 2022)


SEEN is an art project with a social-poetic content that draws attention to a part of society that is often called marginal - people who are outside the boundaries of social norms, are ignored, deliberately not seen and heard. Coming into direct contact with representatives of these social groups – people without a fixed place of residence, people with addiction problems and a criminal past, many find troublesome, confusing and dangerous.

_MG_0925_Tulin_siia_selleks_Ancans_Apostol_KHGalerii_2022_photo_Paul_Kuimet copy.jpg

artistic collaboration with Madara Gruntmane (LV)



(4-channel video, double-side projection, surround sound)



I came here to be alone – I also came here to be alone


Corina L. Apostol and Kristaps Ancāns


Madara Gruntmane


Madara Gruntmane


Madara Gruntmane, Alyona Movko-Mägi 



The purpose of the artwork is to clearly demonstrate that these people also have feelings and their life experiences, as well as their position in the social hierarchy, allow them to understand the message of poetry with unique perceptual advantages. Getting rid of the prevailing stereotypes in society, seeing and listening to the message of these persons through the prism of their perception, we can conclude that they understand what is expressed in poetry differently, perhaps more truthfully.

The project is an attempt to encourage listening, understanding, seeing the sometimes hidden humanity and breaking the boundaries of social prejudices.

The action of the screens creates a polyphonic visual interplay with each other. When the poem is read during the live reading, the main actor has his avatar standing behind him, like a guardian angel, proving that he is not alone. At the end of the poem, the avatar connects with the actor.

On the other screens, avatars of other actors carefully "listen" to the poem.

In the sequel, his live version joins the avatar on another screen and, following the same principle, the avatars on the other screens listen to the poem.



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